The INTEGRAL® range

Pipes DN 100 to 1000 / Pipes with TYTON joint
Pipes DN 1200 to 2000/ Pipes with STANDARD joint



Field of use:

For sewerage

Main characteristics:

  • External coating: 130g/m2 or 200g/m2 metallic zinc + varnish
  • Internal coating: high alumina cement
  • EN 598, ISO 7186, GB/T 26081





Product Advantages:

  • More than 160 years of extensive experience in the manufacture and use of ductile iron pipes, and a set of strict quality management system of Saint-Gobain;
  • TYTON or STANDARD joints equipped NBR gasket, possess faster installation speed, larger angular deflection and gasket sealing surface;
  • The ultrasonic monitoring system to ensure that the thickness of each pipe meets the national standards;
  • 130g/m2 or 200g/m2 metallic zinc coating applied by spraying on the pipe which has become worldwide leader, ensuring the service of pipes ;
  • The IENTEGRAL system composed of high alumina cement presents a number of advantages including strong resistance to chemicals and resistance to wear. It is for sewage with pH value of 4 to 12.


Waste and rain water

Saint-Gobain PAM has a complete range for sewage solutions, which is adapted to different fluids and networks :
  • waste and rain water (the tight junctions can prevent parasitif water in the network),
  • separate sewer system, under pressure (backflow) or gravity flow.
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