History of Ductile Cast Iron

Saint-Gobain PAM

In 1947, British H. Morrogh found that addition of cerium in the hypereutectic gray cast iron, and when the content of cerium is more than 0.02wt%, the graphite was spherical. In 1948, American A.P.Ganganebin et al. researched and pointed out that addition of magnesium in the cast iron, then addition of silicon iron alloy for inoculating, when the residual magnesium is more than 0.04wt%, the graphite is spherical too. Since then, ductile iron has begun large-scale industrial production. As a new type of engineering material, development speed of ductile iron is amazing. In 1949, the world's ductile iron production was only 50,000 tons, then output reached to 535,000 tons in 1960, and still continue to grow rapidly. In 2000, output reached to 15 million tons.

Compared to gray cast iron,ductile iron has more excellent characteristics. It attracted the attention of Saint-Gobain PAM, and PAM quickly gained ductile iron production license agreement.

As the leader of World’s pipe casting industry, Saint-Gobain PAM has over 160 years of experience in the cast pipe industry, and continues to lead the trend of the cast pipe industry:

  • the establishment of the Pont-à-Mousson factory in 1856
  • In 1866, manufacture the first PAM cast iron pipe
  • First exported cast iron pipe in 1870
  • In 1927, received a centrifugal casting license
  • In 1950, obtained the ductile cast Iron Production License Agreement
  • In 1970, began the industrial production of ductile cast iron
  • In 1980, the pipeline business division established an international layout
  • In 2001, launched PAM global brand

Saint Gobain continues to make technological breakthroughs (centrifugal casting, ductile iron, etc.), and promote the development of internalization and comercialization. Today Saint-Gobain PAM is still committed to innovation based on ductile iron pipe of new technologies and new products, so that more people enjoy the water resources and its advantages.

succeeding from supplying water for Paris
application of centrifuge casting technology

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