Importance of fittings

  • Fittings in the entire pipeline system accounted for a small proportion of investment, but it has a pivotal role. If you choose improper fittings, it is easy to form short barrel effect, and endanger the safety of the entire pipeline system.
  • The special location of the fittings determines that the fittings will withstand special hydraulic thrust and cavitation.
  • Fittings, like pipelines, will withstand the combined effects from internal and external loads, as well as the effects of environmental changes.
  • Domestic low-cost competition in the market could not promote fittings to a higher quality level, so that fittings are one of the weaknesses of the current water supply system.

Comparison of Saint-Gobain metal mould fittings with traditional fittings(1)

Saint-Gobain fittings process characteristics

  • High bearing capacity of fittings: through strict spheroidizing process of molten iron, precise casting process control, Saint-Gobain makes sure that ductile iron pipe have uniform wall thickness, excellent mechanical properties, no casting defects and leakage even after high strength blasting;
  • High quality of fittings surface: Mechanically compacting casting sand, the quality of casting surface is very high, that conducive to the installation and sealing interface;
  • High installation accuracy: Saint-Gobain uses multispindle drilling machine processing equipment, drilling mounting bolt holes of fittings flange at the same time, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also avoid installation difficulties caused by the bolt hole dislocation.

 Saint-Gobain fittings anti-corrosion solution

  • Anti-corrosion solution Ⅰ:Inside and outside is epoxy coating, it could adapt to the strong corrosive soil;
  • Anti-corrosion solution Ⅱ:Internal anti-corrosion coating is epoxy coating, and the external coating is zinc rich paint and varnishing, it could adapt to ordinary soil.

 Characteristics of epoxy anti-corrosion coating

  • Before epoxy coating process, through high strength shot blasting with steel ball, surface quality meets Sa2.5 level of ISO8501-1 standard;
  • The epoxy coating thickness is continuous and uniform, the internal and external surface is smooth and dense, and the external soil and internal conveying medium could not erode the metal matrix, which makes sure fittings are durable;
  • Epoxy coating of Saint-Gobain fittings meet the EN14901 standard, it could adapt to all common corrosive environments.
Note(1): When customers have other needs, please consult Saint-Gobain