Pamboo class



Pipes DN 100 to 1000 / C CLASS Pipe with TYTON joint

Field of use:

For drinking water mains

Main characteristics:

  • External coating: metallic zinc (200g/m2)+ new-type green environmental coating
  • Internal lining :Centrifuged cement mortar lining
  • EN 545, ISO 2531, GB/T 13295

Note: B ensures a smooth transition between C40 and C30 and C25, slightly larger than the
calculated value.

Product advantages:

  • More than 160 years of extensive experience in the manufacture and use of ductile iron pipes, and a set of strict quality management system of Saint-Gobain;
  • Raw materials from The Brazil vale iron ore and domestic high quality iron ore to guarantee the purity of molten iron;
  • The on-line ultrasonic monitoring system to ensure that the pipe thickness of each pipe meets national standards;
  • The 200g/m2 zinc spraying corrosion protection increases adaptability in different soils and prolongs service life of ductile iron pipes ;
  • Use blast furnace cement mortar lining (BFSC) which is better than ordinary Portland cement. It can guarantee the quality and sanitation of pipes for potable water.

Water supply


Saint-Gobain PAM supplies ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. Our solutions address water whether it is potable, raw, waste or recycled, and cover the entire water transport cycle, from its gravity supply, surface and ground water filtration and seawater desalination, treatment and storage, and distribution to consumers and industry.
As investment in renewing water supply infrastructure is declining in relative terms, there is increasing demand on pipeline service longevity. Our ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves and accessories are anti-ageing and have earned a first-class reputation for both leak tightness and pressure resistance.  
We are involved in both the preservation of the quality and quantity of water as a resource and its distribution in all situations, where there may be mechanical stresses, pressure surges, or environmental constraints among other challenges.
For the supply of water alone, we have 10,000 items of pipes, fittings and joint compounds to cope with every possible situation and to withstand all hazards associated with their transport, handling, installation and operation.
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