Why choose ductile iron pipe


Why choose ductile iron pipe?

Ductile iron pipe has the nature of iron and characteristics of steel. It has  good mechanical performance, good ductility and flexibility. Safety factor of "3" enables DIP to withstand high water pressure and protect pipes against water hammer. Zinc coating and cement mortar lining guarantee 50 year of lifespan. Compared with PE, Steel pipe and PCCP, DIP has imcomparable advantages.

General comparison between different pipe material

JointFlexible,joint deflectionUnstableAffected by external factorsDepends on welding quality
Resistance to internal pressure25-648-16<20-
Safety factor31.2511.6-1.8
Resistance to external pressureGoodMediumCannot repairGood
Internal liningAnti-corrosion & anti-abrasionAnti-corrosionOPC,corroded by sewageBad adhesion
External coatingGood, cathodic protectionGoodLack cathodic protectionBad, lack cathodic protection
Lifespan50 yearsDesign 50 years,affected by environment10-15 years after failure15-20 years