Sewerage network, Doha North - Qatar

Large Diamater Pipes
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Project specifications

Public contracting authority: Public Works Authority (Ashghal), Infrastructure Affairs, Drainage Projects Department.

Engineering consultancy: KEO International Consultants + Hyder Consulting + Stanley Consultants

Length: overall 33,270 m

Tonnage: 27,798 tons

Application: Sewage project

DN: DN 200 to DN 1600

Year: 2008-2009

Our engineers had to face several technical and mechanical constraints during this important project, indeed it was located in an urban environment, meaning:

  • the work had to be executed quickly,
  • the nuisance caused to the road load had to be kept to a minimum
  • our soil survey revealed that the project was on a corrosive area and consequently the network needed specific protection

Considering all of these imperatives our team provided several solutions. First three lines of ductile iron pipes (DN 1600) were laid over a 25 km length in a tench at approximately 7 m depth. Then, some geotextile has been installed at the bottom of the trench to protect from the soil aggressiveness and an additional PE wrapping protection was installed. Eventually, to ensure an optimal protection of water transmission, PAMLOCK anchorage was set up.

Services provided

Saint-Gobain PAM Gulf's partners benefited from our services during different steps of the project:

  • soil survey and other preliminary studies were realized upstream,
  • technical assistance was provided by our engineers,
  • logistic support for unloading and stocking products.

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