Powder Epoxy (coating for fittings)

Technical solutions

Epoxy (coating for fittings)

The epoxy resin coating provides reinforced protection of the fittings. These fittings are intended for use with TT pipes (highly corrosive soils) or PUR pipes (corrosive water).

Coating process

There are two types of expoxy coating :
- Powder epoxy or
- Fluidized epoxy.

Field of use

Fittings with this type of coating can be used buried in corrosive or highly corrosive soils or to transport aggressive or corrosive water.

Drinking water compatibility

The blue epoxy powder coating is compatible with drinking water and has a Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS).


GB/T 13295
EN 14901

Repairing the blue epoxy powder coating

Strip the damaged area and remove the oxidation.
Sand the coating with abrasive cloth around the damaged area to ensure good adhesion.
Clean, degrease and heat the surface before applying the epoxy (temperature about 50 °C).
Mix equal quantities of resin and hardener. Prepare small quantities (very short working time: 30 min at 40 °C).
Apply the epoxy with a spatula or a brush.
Allow to harden in a dry area and avoid handling.