Internal lining

Technical solutions

Internal lining

The purpose of an internal protection is to:

  • guarantee that the hydraulic performance of the pipe is maintained long term,
  • prevent any risk of internal attack by the waters carried,
  • maintain the quality of water carried.

PAM offers a complete range of internal protections to meet all types of water carried.

The linings and internal coatings of pipes and fittings can be divided into three categories, according to the aggressivity of the waters carried:

  • standard coatings, suitable for the vast majority of raw and potable waters,
  • reinforced protections, for waters aggressive to ordinary cement (soft and acidic waters, highly abrasive waters...),
  • special coatings adapted to very special conditions and corrosive water (industrial effluents...).

PAM analyses water quality on request, in order to recommend the most suitable protection.

The table below outlines the internal linings range.



ClassicBlast furnace cementCataphoresis epoxy or
bituminous paint
SpecificHACEpoxy powder or HAC

Classic protections are offered by K9 range and Pamboo range. Special protections are offered by Integral range.

Sanitary conformity

Internal coating materials used have received a Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS) and comply with the provisions of the GB/T 17219.

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