Tyton Sit Plus

Special applications

Tyton sit plus(TSP) anchoring gasket

The high-pressure pipeline system is composed of ductile iron pipe, fittings and TSP anchoring gasket with stainless steel teeth. 
The anchoring gasket is a rubber gasket with embedded stainless steel teeth.  According to the size of the rubber ring, a certain number of stainless steel teeth are distributed in the gasket. The stainless steel teeth will bite the socket tightly to prevent the separation of the pipeline.

Product Range

Field of use

Secondary water supply for high buildings
Secondary water supply is mainly aimed to increase the pressure of municipal water supply network to providing water for high buildings. Since the water pressure in the network is very high, it is suggested to use ductile iron pipes together with anchoring gaskets as a safe solution for secondary water supply system.
Pipe network anchoring
The pipeline network can use spigot-socket type push-in joint with anchoring gasket as the connection scheme, to bear the axial force, and make the pipeline laying without the need to set up concrete block in positions like bends, blinds and reducing pipes.
Pipe gallery
In order to prevent the pipeline from moving or displacement under the action of water hammer, anchoring gaskets can be used to increase the safety of the pipeline.

Working mechanisms

The basic principle of anchoring is to transfer the axial force from one pipe assembly to another, thereby ensuring that the joint are not separated. The anchoring gasket works with the help of steel teeth buried within the gasket. Once the gasket is pressed, the stainless steel teeth will tightly bite the spigot to prevent the separation of the joint caused by slippage of the pipeline.


In order to pump water at a high pressure, the pipeline system needs to withstand higher internal pressure. Compared with PE pipe, the high-pressure pipeline system of Saint-Gobain can withstand higher working pressure.
The flexible joint of high pressure pipeline system can allow the joint to have a certain angle deflection. The sealing of the interface ensures even in the case of the maximum deflection angle.
Hygienic performance
The Saint-Gobain high pressure pipeline system uses the push-in joint, which avoids pollution caused by broken of the anti-corrosion layer in the welding process in case of other metal pipes, so as to ensure the water quality. The gasket is made up of EPDM rubber which is safer than other kind of material such as SBR.
Saint-Gobain high pressure pipeline system adopts easy-install anchoring gasket in the system, which is especially suitable for limited space of buried pipeline construction.


GB/T 13295,ISO 2531


In line with the principle of customer requirements, Saint-Gobain relies on the support of the technical team to provide customers with the services they need in practical engineering, such as hydraulic calculation, piping system design, anchoring length calculation, soil analysis, construction site guidance, etc.