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Environment management for SG Group

Protecting the environment in the Group’s operations requires constant commitment and continuous attention. Saint-Gobain’s teams are focused on achieving the objective of zero environmental accidents and a minimum impact on the environment.

Committed to setting the example

Saint-Gobain works to preserve the environment from the potential impacts of its processes and services. Four priorities have been identified to fight against climate change:

  • Assess and manage risks.
  • Implement best existing techniques and practices.
  • Innovate to invent the best future techniques and practices.
  • Involve employees over the long term in protecting the environment.

Tools have been developed to help all Group sites make progress on the basis of a shared methodology.  

Long-term objectives:

  • Zero environmental accidents,
  • Minimum impact from Saint-Gobain activities on the environmen.

Objectives for major environmental challenges

Raw materials and waste

Objective for 2025:

  • Reduce non-recovered waste by 50% (base 2010),
  • Long-term objective: Zero.

Energy, atmospheric emissions and climate change


  • Energy consumption: -15% (2010-2025)
  • Total CO2 emissions: -20% (2010-2025)
  • Emissions of NOx, SO2, and dust: -20% for each emissions category (2010-2025)


Objective for 2025:

  • Reduce industrial effluent by 80% (base 2010),
  • Long-term objective: Zero.



Carry out local biodiversity studies for new sites and quarries and restore sites and quarries in cooperation with stakeholders, taking local biodiversity into account.

Environment management for PAM China

Environment management system

PAM China carried out implementation and qualification of environment management system standard ISO14001 since 2008 and has obtained certification.

  • Clean production audit

Promotion and audit of clean production is one of the company’s key management projects.
In 2010, Xuzhou site passed acceptance inspection of clean production audit organized by Xuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau and Xuzhou Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

Since 2011, PAM China continuously organizes and promotes the audit of clean production every year.

  • Emergency management

Company set up an institution of emergency rescue. We also compiled contingency plan for sudden environment event, carried out maneuver and assessment regularly in order to effectively cope with the event, thus ensuring environment safety for company and the region.

  • Education and training

Company brought the concept of environment management into the training, and implemented it in different levels of training including managers, operation staff and new employees. Meanwhile, based on the continuous summary and perfection of environment management, company developed a series of training courses of <Environment management system>, <Important environment factors>, <Environment event analysis>. It could help staff further understand environment management and acknowledgement of the importance of implementing environment management strategy. 

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