Series of Dedusting Renovation


In general, there are four dedusting methods in the industrial areas:

  1. Segregate the dust
  2. Increase the ambient humidity to avoid the dust raising
  3. Set the ventilation equipment in the operation environment
  4. Install the negative pressure system to the equipment leading dust to prevent dust from escaping.

Considering the site layout and process flow, Saint-Gobain PAM China Xuzhou site started the equipment and facilities renovation from its key dust control part, and strengthened the daily maintenance management, which has achieved preliminary effects.

  • 100% covering the material yard, and spraying water periodically to increase the ambient humidity.
  • Enclosing material charging belt
  • BF top de-duster installation
  • Melting center de-dusting renovation
  • BF bunker closure, iron tapping trough and slag trough ditch closure
  • Sand washing machine modification to eliminate mud motar spraying and leakage and enhance sand washing effect and treatment capacity.

Images diaporama