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Saint-Gobain PAM is committed to designing solutions based on the principles of sustainable development. The company offers products that meet current needs, taking into account long-term issues. This priority is present at each stage of the lifecycle of its products.

Design & manufacture

The production process in the Saint-Gobain PAM factories uses cast iron made from both iron ore and recycled scrap metal. This technique allows the recovery of 80% of waste. The aim is to achieve zero non-recycled waste. The key word during these phases is sustainability. The effective life span of ductile cast iron pipes is approximately 100 years!

Transport & installation

Saint-Gobain PAM makes strategic choices regarding product delivery so that the impact of transport on the environment is limited. CO2 emissions are reduced at every step:

  • the use of clean transport (by water or by rail) both locally and internationally
  • the use of strategic locations, to reduce covered distances
  • the optimization of the physical characteristics and the composition of the products so that energy consumption is reduced
  • the use as often as possible of natural backfill material to avoid truck turnaround.

PAM Ecopose is a technique for the installation of PAM pipelines. It eliminates two steps in the laying of pipes: the transport of excavated material and the addition of new materials. Ecopose reduces the disturbance experienced by residents and protects the natural land. With no additional materials or transport required, it is both economic and ecological.


For Saint-Gobain PAM, exploitation rhymes with ‘reduction’. Indeed, with fewer pressure losses and better water tightness, it means less energy is consumed. The energy consumed by pumping forms a large part of a drinking water system’s impact on the environment during its existence. By controlling pressure losses and eradicating leaks, PAM’s cast iron networks reduce the environmental footprint of water networks.


Like all metals, the iron and scrap metals that result from the recycling and/or transformation of iron ore can be recycled with no loss of their properties, unlike products that result from the transformation of oil.
The systematic recovery and reuse of steel and cast iron contribute to the conservation of resources. In order to save on non-renewable fossil raw materials, it is best to choose ductile cast iron - the material used in Saint-Gobain PAM products which are 100% recyclable!

Sustainable development ductile iron

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Sustainable development - Saint-Gobain PAM
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Sustainable development - Saint-Gobain PAM