Protecting the environment from waste classification


With the improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more waste. Then how to sort waste, utilize the waste resource maximally and improve the living environment quality? It’s been an urgent common concern in the whole world. Waste classification is a scientific management way for waste disposal. Sorting out the recyclable and non-degradable materials, it can reduce the waste amount more than 60%. Take the life garbage as an example, some could not degrade easily and lead to serious erosion to the land.

  • Recyclable materials: including waste paper, plastics, glass, metal and cloth
  • Non-recyclable materials: including kitchen garbage, hazardous waste and other refuse.

In response to the Groups “Big Little Moves” activity, PAM China has updated the old garbage cans to the sortable garbage bins and carried a series of promotion in the company.

Meanwhile, PAM China established the independent Waste Recycling Center, and the solid waste materials and hazardous waste can be managed, categorized and treated centralized, which decreased the impact to environment by waste materials to the largest degree.

Let’s protect the environment start from our side!

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