Saint-Gobain PAM

Major projects team

Because you face various kinds of constraints we are here to provide you tailor-made solutions! From contract signature until project completion, Saint-Gobain PAM provides a dedicated team to service our clients.

Our top experts are devoted to ensure the best possible outcome to your project. Our team will assist you by planning, organizing, coordinating worldwide logistics and the whole supply chain from the factories down to the project sites. Eventually, they will assist you to control the project follow-up while managing internal and external resources.

International credit management department and financial engineering

Within Saint-Gobain PAM commercial organization a financial team is readily avaiblable to offer financing solutions for our customers. Indeed, this team is in contact with numerous banks, financial institutions, and credit insurance companies in order to support our customers in arranging financings for their international water and sewage projects.

On-site technical assistance and follow-up technical expertise

A team of engineers and technicians ensures your technical support  during the design stage, implementation and after sales.

Indeed, our teams are at your disposal in order to provide:

  • Assistance during the design stage
  • Realization of customized studies  (hydraulic design, mechanical design, …)
  • Technological diagnosis: water analyses, soil survey,  …
  • On-site assistance (technical training on our products, support on working site, …)
  • after-sale technical service


Hundreds of associates ensure our commercial and technical sales network.

Logistical support

Saint-Gobain PAM's teams support our customers with a global approach of logistic and supply chain management. Our services can be customized depending on your requirements:

  • Set up and follow up of local transportation (e.g. from the port to the site)
  • Preparation and training for handling and stocking our products


Our sales and technical sales network are located in 31 countries worldwide.

PAM Academy

For several years now, the PAM customer training school has been training your collaborators in the use of our products for greater on-site efficiency. The PAM Academy also involves factory visits and a dynamic demonstration area.

The decentralized customer training school offers training at our regional offices or on site for the installation of the whole range of our products.

PAM Academy - logo

Easy & quick to install

PAM products offer remarkably quick installation. Thanks to push-in joints work progresses rapidly with no need of cathodic protection or welding, whether the pipes are small or large in diameter.
Saint-Gobain PAM's comprehensive solutions are suitable for all types of environment, such as : installation on sloped terrain, across a river, across a bridge, above ground, underground, on piles, etc.

Saint-­Gobain PAM has set up PAM ECOPOSE, an installation solution that eliminates two steps by comparison with a standard quarries and unnecessary truck turnaround thanks to the use of 'native' soil as backfill.


Saint­-Gobain PAM designs and manufactures pipelines with a high mechanical resistance. PAM solutions are long-lasting and reinforced by new coatings such as Saint-Gobain PAM's ductile iron pipes have a lifetime that exceeds 100 years, with no alteration of their mechanical properties.

Savings on energy and operating costs

Decreasing head losses by means of an elevated hydraulic section, PAM pipelines reduce pumping costs.

Zero maintenance

The average leakage ratio of existing European water networks is more than 20%. Years of experience have proved that following the installation of PAM ductile iron pipelines, the maintenance requirement is very low for the duration of the network's life cycle. Leaktightness being optimal, virtually zero maintenance is required.