Little Moves, Big Difference

Chosen by 14,000 employees, there are 10 top environmental habits in Saint-Gobain:
  • Stairs: 1 or 2 floors? I take the stairs.
  • Cycle: Short distance? I walk or cycle.
  • Printing: I limit my printouts. Target: Zero paper!
  • Electrical equipment: Switch everything off when I go. 
  • Lamp: I switch off the light when leaving!
  • Mugs: I prefer mugs to paper of plastic cups.
  • Waste: I sort my waste!
  • Taps: I make sure the tap’s shut!
  • Phone: I try to not change phones too often.
  • Communication: A word to say to my neighbor? Speak face-to-face.

Let’s start to protect the environment from the minor matter, conduct the concept of sustainable green consumption, and change the world with your lifestyle.  You can do more than you think.

Come on!

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